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      Gorgeous collection. Regards,

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      Llevo escuchandolo apenas unos 25 segundos y ya me ha convencido para no cambiar de álbum. Creo que será todo un descubrimiento. Gracias por tu música.

    • loupblanc38 avatar

      Quel talent et que de bonheur d'écouter ces différents sons qui sont très captivants et nous ouvre une porte sur de belles visions et la 7 est d'une très grande qualité et me transporte vers une autre terre.Merci pour ce partage si merveilleux.

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      Волшебная,завораживающая,уносящая вдаль...к невиданным мирам,прекрасная и гармоничная музыка небесных сфер звучит в этом альбоме...Великолепное сочетание ненавязчивых ритмов и красивых гармонических ходов, заставляет снова и снова слушать и наслаждаться этой удивительной и прекрасной музыкой!!! Огромное спасибо и браво,PATROX !!!! (перевод) Magic, bewitching, carrying away afar... To the unprecedented worlds, fine and harmonious music of heavenly spheres sounds in this album... The Magnificent combination of unostentatious rhythms and beautiful harmonious courses, forces again and to listen and enjoy again this surprising and fine music!!! Many thanks and bravo, PATROX!!!!

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      In Le Voyage de la Comete de Halley, Patroux serves up a double-album of New Age goodness. As is typical of Patroux's albums, the artist leads with some of his strongest material: the first four tracks are must listens- Eclipse, Voices of the Universe, Journey in Time Machine, and the title track. Other notable tracks include: Life is Precious for its sweet and sentimental melody; Cosmologie Comparee for its excellent sense of space; Journey to Vietnam for its instrumental timbres; On the Beach and Atmosphere for their dense layering of sound; and Adventure Galactique and Valley of the Giants for their sweeping upbeat melodies. That is not to say that the other tracks should be ignored. On the contrary, I had quite a bit a difficulty singling out notable tracks as this is a particularly strong outing by Patroux. All in all, nothing beats sitting down and flipping on a single album that brings me two hours of Partoux in one shot. This is a masterwork and not to be missed by the casual fan of New Age or Patroux enthusiast alike.