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Be Carefull Jamendo Music album cover
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    • ModplanMan avatar

      I enjoyed these this album quite a bit. The vocals were great, I liked the slower pacing and the lyrics seemed pretty good too. I really want to hear a lot more now, that can't be a bad thing.

    • Robehypnostate avatar

      your voice is great man !! little similar to Jared Leto hehe, veeery good melody!!

    • luckyluka avatar

      Too bad, but this EP is by far not as good as their other release here on Jamendo, Mud. What Mud captures and displays thruout the whole album, Be Careful just offers with the first title, Angel. As enthusiastic as I have been about Mud, as disappointed I am about Be Careful. Sorry guys, you can do better. Do it!

    • vendredi13 avatar

      Et bien voilà. J'aime beaucoup.... évidement, je ne peux m'empêcher d'imaginer des arrangements "claviers" mais vraiment, c'est très sympa...même si celà rappelle....d'autres choses encore merci à momoka de m'avoir emmené jusqu'ici.

    • Momoka avatar
      @ wrote

      De la maitrise, une voix sensuelle et bien posée, des jeux de guitare comme j'aime. La voix du chanteur est terrible...Je craque Allez-y , il faut écouter ça!