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    • cosoid 3.5 avatar

      ..non so perché ma Lonecraft mi ricorda i nostri Jennifer Gentle del primo disco o meglio le improvvisazioni chitarristiche dei Carcers dalle cui ceneri sono gemmati i JG...ha indubbiamente una vena psichedelica a tratti quasi della Frisco dei sixties, e Floydiana in freaking. lunghe e belle improvvisazioni minimali alla chitarra..e campioni anche della sedia stiracchiata nel gesto di spegnere la registrazione post-post guitar freak some zabriskie point in Poland!!

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Nice original postrock experiments. Instrumental as well and definitely alternative and fresh, one might even say postmodern. Within can be seen glimpses of music once played and listened to, but it is presented in a lovely unique manner, I can't help but love it. It is like the epitome of why I should be involved as I am with Jamendo. Why do I want to hear new 'mainstream' if I could just sit in front of the TV and be mainstreamed to death? I'm here looking to hear the unfamili-ear. Here it is and it's brilliant. Thanks. Brave stuff on the frontier of musical expression, or does it just lack the 'baggage' of Westernised musical culture? Either way, it's spot on for me. The last track finishes off this mini-album, with a beautiful, guitar filled ambient piece of music. Excellent.