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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Explorer has some wicked bass noise, I love it!-) Nice track, good and strong, built on firm foundations. Nice lighter diversion and then reprise towards the wacky ending of the track. Guit-guit keeps the style up, with some nice, intense layers of sound. GasMurderer slow and sinuous to start, then the track kicks in. Very dark and deep near the beginning, with periods of lightness, that ultimately predominate. Although it darkens again towards the end differently, and then lightens differently too. Nice variations on the theme. Devil'sLive concentrates on distorted vocal layer, with the Nut's style showing through underneath, and the return of that monster bass. Crazy track which I like, though there is a breather period before the madness returns. Just like real life, for a devil!-) Klik&Roll lovely start, like that sound. Then it turns into quite a mild track, nicely balanced. ArythmiesCardiaque smoothes its way into a nice buzz and develops into a easy paced musical construction dotted with voice samples. Loved the ending. Recant squirms and booms, followed by structuring and percussion. The rhythmic sense builds as the track progresses, nice synthetic noise. Good, solid feel as it blossoms into its greater glory. Avenger asserts itself firmly with a bold melody structure, rhythm comes in and opens it up more, as do the added layers as it seems. Then the depth gets you, resonating, expansive with added squiggles of synth noise. Works out well, with a reprise. Discharge, apart from being one of my favourite bands of old, retains the strong sense of style of Decagonal Nut. Interesting combinations of sound and rhythm. Nice flourish towards the end. Wanted starts mechanistically and gels together well, with little twirls of added synthesis. Simple overlaying of sound is effective, and builds into a pretty groovy track, still with that inimitable style. O-kay booms into existence, with a scattering of percussion, with a burst of rhythmic energy at certain points. It is joined with a curious melody and more percussion. Nice sense of unusual movement to it, quite eerie in places. LastSuicide follows on with an air of discomfort, not unsurprisingly looking at the title. Because I can associate with it, the track is quite disturbing. I think the essence of the subject was captured here very well. An interesting track, quite distinct from its neighbours. Défalliance Sismique joins the previous track in being distinctly different to start, with echoes of former sensations rising to the surface. A good track to end on, with a sprinkling of all that has gone on before almost. Overall, I really liked this album. I look forward to some new stuff!-)

    • antropofaz avatar
      10 years ago

      J'avais déja bien accrochée avec le premier album de decagonal nut, mais j'avoue que celui la montre l'évolution de l'artiste je suis fan de la piste N°2, et l'album dans son ensemble mériterait d'etre entendu en live, "joué" par son auteur afin d'exploiter son potentiel au maximum