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    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Vers le Chaos is expansive, almost a barren soundscape. Minimalist noise over a ten minute track can be difficult to manage, but the development of the piece is good, tenuous structure within the chaos. Diffraction shines a new light on this, but does it shed the polarity of black/white or give us a spectrum of music? I feel both to some extent but more an array of coloured sounds abound in places, so I will optimistically go for the latter. Again, a long track, and when experimenting this can lose the sense of the piece, but this maintains its composure quite well. Réflexion has a shadowy depth to it, with waves of sounds to compliment the deep resonance, almost dramatic in places. Sounds like there should be a strange, short film to go with it. Looking up through the branches of a tree, hung with wind-chimes, at the sky. Putting things into perspective. Chant intérieur seems to be that sense of perspective being internalised, assimilated into the sea of self-existence that being a person can be. A personal mantra to get you through the days. Here, it sounds as if the self is being quite hard on itself at times, other times more gentle and understanding. Overall, for being experimental electronica, it holds itself together quite well and explores it sounds to the full, maintaining a loose structure without becoming formulaic. The beat here seems to be the beat of life itself!-)

    • acid sicnarf avatar

      bonjour. et merci pour ces quarantes minutes de divaguation de l'esprit qui m'ont été offert . vraiment un beau projet... je n'y étais pas à l'église St Sépulcre... mais j'imagine cette expérience sonore dans un lieu comme cela et je me dis que voous avez du passé un "sacré" bon moment. rien de plus . bravo et bonne continuation. ps: n'hésitez pas à envoyer des infos .