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Broken think Jamendo Music album cover
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      I love this album. Minimal and hypnotic. Mechanical yet melodic. Each track is different and like listening to a painting. Very entertaining.

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      It’s not an easy record. This one is dedicated to more sophisticated listeners, which is quite ok with me ;-). I’ve been looking for an interesting experimental record on jamendo for a quite long time and I’m pretty proud that one I found is from my native country. Broken Thing consists of a genre journey between DJ Food, contemporary ambient and experimental electronica. It starts with almost unaudible extremely ambiental Around myself, a piece that may discourage people looking for catchy tunes. Sounds become much more pleasant with Unknown melody, a jazz reconstruction in a style of To Rocococ Rot. Next three compositions are much more ambiental, in a way reminding me of FSOL or ORB but in a more experimental dimension. Last, eponymous tune is another silence/bruit exploration, when the latter can really make music! Overall, Broken Think is an album to recommend to anyone that wants something more from the composer than just catchy chorus songs. It’s enganging, interesting and innovative. The cover is a little bit cliche so it’s one point down, but it’s still nine for me. Keep ther wheels turning, Roger! Stay cool, galaktycznyzwiad.

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      Trés intéressant travail de composition ou l'electro est utilisée à bon escient, non comme une finalité..des plages qui laissent place aux sensations,à l'imagination,au voyage intérieur, soutenus par des instrus jazzy. Artiste à suivre