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The Next Life (primitive minimal music vol.1) Jamendo Music album cover

The Next Life (primitive minimal music vol.1)

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    • Perduss avatar
      5 years ago

      je veux finir la première fois pour recommencer je me dédouble en danse irréel mes yeux ont parlés pour se souvenir de la première parole je parle maintenant les yeux fermés et les lèvres dans le noir je ne veux plus de la première je suis rendus ailleurs dans la sixième dimension il n'y a plus de place au vide du un un mur image nuance les couleurs et brouille la lente traversée la première fois pour recommencer à zéro Perduss (Le Québécois) Réjean Desrosiers © 2012 10 20

    • brouits avatar
      6 years ago

      La musique répétitive, on aime ou pas. Je doute qu'il y ait quelqu'intermédiaire. Cet album m'a accroché tout de suite. Je ne m'en lasse pas. Une simplicité des timbres, quelque chose d'enfantin, mais au fil des minutes, cela devient obsédant et en même temps délicieux.

    • coriandolo avatar
      8 years ago

      Un ambient elegante e immaginifico. Fantastico Matematic1 sembra di vedersi sfilare davanti tutta la serie dei numeri primi. complimenti. E grazie a Cluedo per la segnalazione.

    • massimo liverani avatar
      9 years ago

      complimenti! un lavoro coraggioso in cui ci sono le atmosfere deliziose e ipnotiche della prima minimal di steve Reich, philip Glass e Terry riley sapientemente inserite in un contesto attuale ed innovativo! bravo!

    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      The title implies repetition in itself, I think. Life is mostly repetitious, with the odd scattering of chaos to throw the proverbial spanner into the works. Cells, the basis of our existence are full of repeated tasks that they need to maintain in order to survive. Molecular existence must be boring! Or, is it? That music should be perceived as repetitive, as you say, might be the whole point. I love listening between the notes and beats as much as I like reading between the lines. Cometa are one of my favourites so, I'm inherently biased but this is an interesting side-project and very good mood food, with its simple, straightforward minimalist electro sound (which I happen to love anyway). I can remember listening to vinyl records and the surface scratches, which were inevitable to various degrees, became part of the music. The allocative form has to have inherent flaws because that is the way of the nature of communication. Music, and other creative artforms, sometimes take this into consideration, and I generally find them more amenable as a result. A kind of 'warts and all' perspective in judgement. All my rambling aside, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant album. Lovely creativity here and, hopefully in the next life too!-)