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Half Set Full Share

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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Nice start and it continues to grow on you, especially if you are willing to stretch your ears and minds a bit. Right from the start these tracks are, simply improvised electronics, and brilliant throughout. Imagine how good concept studio albums could be. Ultimately, there are other artists pushing the boundaries in different ways, but it's mighty impressive stuff nonetheless. It manages to hold its structure and various other formations extremely well and diversify, it seems, with whatever which is thrown into the mix, it just works. And, there's the rub, that's its very downfall and it's merely because it has stuck to techno, not fusion, which is a little more progressive, but that's a personal opinion. If you like techno, you will love these tracks. If you like improvisation, you will see my point better I think with good appreciation of the skill involved, and if both, bingo!-)