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Interstate Medicine

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      If you are looking for music for your youtube video, look no further. Robert80z has everything from jazz,reggae,pop,rock to heavy metal. And you can use it in your videos as long as you give credit to the artist.

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      Davvero una grande sorpresa questo album. Bellissima la voce, bellissime le canzoni e registrazione perfetta. Le atmosfere on the road dell'america di confine con il messico. BRavi, bravi, bravi! Consigliatissimo.

    • Suspenso avatar

      Well, of course 'Cortez & Pizarro' is the best song by far. Is a great song, but don't discard the rest of the album. Some nice hidden gems, just don't expect them to be as memorable as 'Cortez & Pizarro'. The sound is a good mix of Pop-rock with a bit of Folk maybe a pinch of Blues. I don't regret having this on my MP3 player.

    • sspencerwire avatar

      This very good Pop/Rock and just a whole lot of fun to listen to. I particularly like the mid-tempo ballad "Heathrow" which appears along with other great tracks on my second online radio show here:

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      Good and laconic music. You have still albums?