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Balance Instars- 3 track Sampler

Of The I
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    • Adrian_91 avatar
      6 years ago

      Klasse Sampler. Sehr vielfaltig und richtig fesselnd. Hab mich beim Musikhören lange nicht mehr so ereifert wie bei "Mercenary".

    • audas habis avatar
      7 years ago


    • OLdSKuul62 avatar
      8 years ago

      The LP art is really nice . Even though it has never influenced me to buy any of the 5,000 plus CD`s,LP`s Cassettes,or 8 tracks over the years. The first song 'Mercenary' seems kind of dull, I`m sorry . I`m not sure how to put it. It is a good song. And only because I have heard 'Cold" am I giving it the worst rating of 8 out of 10 Opposed to the second track'Cold'Not to say that it is a bad track by any means. But 'Cold' is one of those kinds of tracks that 'brings it all back home'so to speak,it reminds me of the old early 70`s and late 60`s jam sessions. On the Scale this song gets a 12 from me.'Cold" in my opinion is the best track on the sampler and is my top pick. I really like that "Jam session feel" The third song 'Single Units" is more along the lines of 'Cold". On a scale of 0-10, this track would rate at least an 8.5 by itself. "Cold" was a spoiler for me , It made me drop at least one star off the overall score . It made the other two really good songs seam weak.(which they are not) Still there are no disappointments to my ears on this sampler. Everything is well worth listening to, and I thank you for the opportunity to listen to your awesome music . I will suggest this album to my friends.

    • DanseHulk avatar
      8 years ago

      So good so good and the best musik i have licents to on jamendo

    • sciso avatar
      8 years ago

      well worth a listen. My appetite is whetted, sounds like every second of sound has been slaved over. Might be worth a buy