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Fool's Paradise Revisited

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    • music4ever2010 avatar
      6 years ago

      Excellent album - in a very mysterious, strange, unusual style. But so fascinating! A rare music, a perfect experiment (mixing various genres). Thanks for composing and sharing this album!

    • Dioneo avatar
      7 years ago

      Transiting through its sounds highway, one can realize that this album is superb. Some parts remember me unforgetable passages of some K. Crimson and Genesis eternal songs. I have really surprised that in Russia there is people doing these things... Best wishes! I have made a video with the song Salvation. It is in this url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2SSdA3wUKg PS: The video was in private modality, I changed to public. I'm very sorry...

    • Jozzi avatar
      7 years ago

      Все та же интересная музыка. Но с женским вокалом, новыми аранжировками. Мягче, лиричнее, больше инди. Хорошоу! Хотя, Fool's Paradise все же понравился чуть больше.

    • RDSK avatar
      8 years ago

      Beautiful and relaxing !

    • Perduss avatar
      8 years ago

      Une tendresse sensuel dans un monde matériel dur… une voie qui laisse l'espoir renaître et une musique qui enveloppe tout ce que le ridicule laisse apparaitre… les pierres et les oiseaux peuvent volés ensemble sans se blesser… finis les fins… finis les débuts… il faut être la… Perduss