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Prelude Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      A lovely build up on the first track, background for the sound spiel. I like the attitude, you are within my selected genres and are unassuming enough to call yourself experimental. It is the essence of life you portray in the literally joyful sound. I think I'm on a safe bet here. Experimentation is how we progress in actuality and creatively. There's a nice, quite dark atmosphere to Black And White, with a fine sweeping up to the burbling melody. Boom, the track begins and stays big, asserting itself fine. Nice instrumentalism, had me transfixed momentarily. Utopian is quite a dynamic sound adventure, searching for the golden city. The level of voice, for me personally, is just enough. This track brings it in, and bearing in mind the avowed intent to include vocal tracks in future, will put me off a touch. I love the instrumental work, it's good and hearty enough. Just me, and time will tell. Morning Sun is a fine example of what can be achieved instrumentally. A damned good track. I could see how some samples might be used, as instrument, as long as they don't just say 'oh yeah', or is the sound track to some porn film!-) Nice work, keep it up!

    • kokoloko avatar
      9 years ago

      No va a mi rollo hard ni flamenquito pero me ha molao un huevo. Ha sido una buena sorpresa. Kokoloko os tutela como uno de los grupos gansitos de por acá.