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This Sound Jamendo Music album cover
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    • 7 years ago

      I like this kind of oldschool music like Music Instructor, Flying Steps e.t.c.

    • 9 years ago

      The only thing you can do when you listen is bob, bob crazily!

    • 9 years ago

      Pretty cool! Reminds me of old school 80s/90s breakdance music. If I had one criticism it would be it sounds like the whole album uses the same instrument set but, I'll forgive em because it's still pretty awesome. Planet Galaxy and This Sound were my favorites! I could definitely do a little 6-steppin' and uprockin' to this, in fact I'm doing some poppin' and lockin' from my chair right now :P Teach me the wisdom of your funky fresh ways I will be your funk-prentice :P

    • 9 years ago

      grande efficience dans le style : direct, rythmé, dansant, bien quoi !

    • 10 years ago

      i like this album, because it sounds like "kraftwerk". Thanks for this.