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Elievana Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Badewannenheld avatar
      7 years ago

      Il fait plaisanterie ecouter la musique et la photo est genial!

    • micciacorta avatar
      8 years ago

      Bravo, bella musica.

    • Angus Ash avatar
      8 years ago

      Good form, non-stop pressure, seems like good set for live gig. Keep on working, you are in good track. Your sound is very professional, I love the sound of the guitar; very wise action; not overdoing it. Back vocals on the second number ( Samira)are too quiet, though. Maybe because of compression. Looking forward for next set.

    • tony crow avatar
      9 years ago

      piacevole , si rifa molto a loud reed

    • Rene Sens avatar
      9 years ago

      Nice songs! Though it's obviously not my style (too soft and too light :) but anyway it's good. Very easy to imagine it during live show.