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    • Storknest avatar

      After Lunar Ecstasy, I got this one and was not disappointed. Karmic Dogs and Alone in a Crowd stood out personally, again I found a theme or two I didn't like but was still able to enjoy the whole album.

    • SexAndViolence avatar

      Hm... Głos ciekawy. Aż ciarki przechodzą momentami

    • starcannon avatar

      Wow, just wow; I used to have a friend years ago that made music in a style similar to this. All I can say is, more, more, more. Awesome is an understatement. Thanks for the excellent tunes. Rob Medical Lake WA, USA P.S. I'm totally digging on "Karmic Dogs".

    • Antho56 avatar

      Très bel univers,j'aime beaucoup!

    • GrizouilleX_x avatar

      0.0 Nice for listening the autumn with a good book... With the fire close to me... BRavo :D