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ZEHARKA 2, les chemins de traverse Jamendo Music album cover

ZEHARKA 2, les chemins de traverse

Jean Louis Hargous
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    • dom421 avatar
      6 years ago

      ... ... où chaque seconde est immense ...

    • Van Syla avatar
      6 years ago

      Il y a une âme et un coeur dans ces superbes compositions mélancoliques. L'interpretation et les sonorités sont subtiles et riches et nous offre cette immense palette de couleurs que (seule) la musique acousique peut rendre et à condition que le musicien soit du niveau de Louis Hargous.

    • minette88 avatar
      6 years ago

      Un merveilleux jazz ambient. Un bar, un musicien au fond de la salle et vous, appuyé au comptoir, écoutant doucement s’égrener les notes. Un moment de douce quiétude vous envahit.

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar
      6 years ago

      Stark and stunning . . . the warm clarinet is so seductive and persuasive in, "Conversations." Hypnotic and enticing, this is an exquisite dreamy album of secrets and songs, a parallel universe of comfort and sunshine . . . a place of old photos and memories . . . I found myself wandering amongst the golden melodies . . . touching each one, as if testing a rare tree fruit for ripeness . . . These pieces filled my soul with the kind of contentment that only very special jazz songs can do . . . melting like warm honey . . . dripping with indulgence . . . and beauty - such beauty!

    • annamundi avatar
      6 years ago

      Some tracks i love, as the first and the third, maybe because they are nearer to my personal diagonal paths; a good album indeed, with these strange atmospheres that comes from walking in and out... between the known and the unknown. Thanks to Creix for the suggestion...