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    • 7 years ago

      OK . . . I really liked this music . . . lots of easy adventures . . and feelings of explorations and yet . .. there is this lovely lazy feeling also . . . exactly what a vacation should be . . . The music was mildly upbeat and golden with summer sunshine and sparkles on deep water . . . very happy emotions with high expectations . . . of complete joy . . .and I even found myself dancing a little . . with a smile on my face . . . Happy!

    • 9 years ago

      Interesting idea to endeavour to encapsulate, what would have been chiefly very personal, but also some archetypal experiences of being in these certain geographical places. Even more so than, unlike another reviewer has ever been, I have not. So, do I feel like I'm on holiday. The interesting typo, or maybe it was a parapraxis, describing the first track, made me wonder whether a fisherman/men would be bolder in their effort to haul in a big catch and take risks, feeling such omnipotent protection. It sounds more like a superficial homage to be honest. Not a bad one, but the sea as I imagine it seems sparkly and placid. This is in a place steeped with a profound sense of history and heritage, some of it pretty tumultuous. Even the bus station in prone to a little delapidated architecture worth photographing. This artist is perhaps one of those people who take a holiday to rest, whereas I go and research, study, explore. If that makes me 'too analytical', then so be it. I cannot laze around, I find it physically and mentally abhorrent and unbearable. So, I do not like Lazy for more reasons than I can find to like it. In itself it is a reasonable bit of ambient electronica, as a concept is different. The voice over are full of sunshine to go with your tequila. Instrumentally, it is not bad. Not all beaches deserve the pleasure of having George Michael cavorting all over the place. Maybe View from a Balcony reveals more about the perspective of the artist. I wouldn't have thought the best point of view personally, but it's easily done. I am just one of those awkward people that would rather be on top of a castle turret saying 'Is that our hotel over there?)' Not to say, to be fair, that a reasonable survey may well be had from a goodly placed balcony. As a track, is seems to be in some sort of technical suffering. A bit unsure of itself perhaps. Beach Theme, The Blue Lagoon all seem to be fairly superficial circumstances in expression. If the point is unclear, it will always leave the discerning listener at a loose end. This seems like a 'taking it easy, not doing much' holiday, to be fair. I sense little in the way of dramatics, in a place en route to such a hotbed of religious warfare, that I feel a little disappointed. Instead we end up with at best a kind of lounging around sound. Which is great if that's what you are looking for. Something non-committal, something to dip your toe in. Having said that, there are some moments, whence my ears to prick up and I think, 'Now, I like that'. Luzzu In The Sun, surprisingly gives me more than ample opportunity to like a track and concentrate on it. Almost interviewing the structure and its melodic and rythhmic form therein. Again, not overly strong, though it manages some pinnacles quite well. Though when the piano comes in, it seems to slip back into its old habit (they were making music when Osiris was around). All-in-all, a more interesting track. Silent City and Midnight Motion then pull all the stops out and turn out to be two great ambient tracks. So, overall, a bit of a mixed bag. It seems it tries a bit of acid jazz in the sunshine, here and there, but essentially should have stayed being an instrumental ambient album, because I think, at those many moments, it works best. Look forward to the other albums, to test my hypothesis!-)

    • 10 years ago

      You "describe" with your music, what I saw through my photo camera during a holiday trip to Malta in spring 2008. Good feelings at the various locations! I am with you! Your album is my favourite music for an audiovision with these photos and Juergens music as the leading soundtrack! Thank you, Juergen, for the change in CC rights for using your music in a non-commercial project! Holger