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French Collective #3 Jamendo Music album cover
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    • atropos2003 avatar
      8 years ago

      Es una obra descollante, adoro su tibieza en un marco escepcional de sencillez, sobriedad y pureza...lo compro!!

    • N3XUSRADIO avatar
      9 years ago

      This album is really well done, very intellegently organised tracks that make the most random kind of sense, the tracks with the cool chilled vibes were my favorite. Perfect soundscapes, and very trippy too! I was wondering if you minded me playing you out on my shows on N3XUS RADIO?

    • cosmicjoy avatar
      9 years ago

      Ce n'est pas parce qu'un album déplaît à certains qu'il faut user de méchanceté gratuite. Mais c'est apparemment une mode chez l'internaute ! Bref, moi j'ai trouvé cette compliation parfois assez proche de l'Intelligent Music du label Warp, notamment dans les premiers titres. Des musiques mélancoliques mais pas pour autant tristes. J'aurais juste aimé que Powerfull as a girl soit un peu plus développé car c'est un très bon titre ; mes morceaux préférés sont les 3 derniers. Une compil sans prétention mais très agréable à l'écoute !

    • BioRhythm avatar
      9 years ago

      'Moonove-broken wings' ~ Ehhhh! peace & tranquility captured in a electronic form.As my ears are purely made of the Organic stuff this track sounds very natural & has a beautifully crafted structure.Keeping it nice and simple and just taking it's time. 'Kaneel - KTH' ~ The steady as she goes pace continues with this track.NIcely moving along ,with simply some nice beeps,ticks,slice's and subtle bass N melody to ease the mind into a pleasant musical stew,then a little distortion helps to give a little crunch until a 'rolling off' melody finishers this fine song . 'Giovanni B - Love ' - Begins sombre and continues along that path. 'The mean star - munk was a genuis ' with this track the album takes on a different direction & one that for me does not flow nicely from the previous tracks . Mister electric demon - powerfull as a girl ' I will sum this track up as 'annoying'. 'knos - superformula ' - continues the theme of being annoying yet isn't quite as annoying as 'powerfull as a girl' though does manage to be far more boring and as repetitive as politics. 'Alexel - Ultra' A pretty good track 'willbe - you,man'- nice but dim' conclusion- this album begins well and then trys

    • DrumPunisher avatar
      9 years ago

      Clearly, the people who wrote the previous reviews aren´t big fans of the genre. Don´t be fooled by the low scores, if you like things like Aphex softer stuff, this is great news. Solid production.