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    • Lhaastdaiz avatar

      When I listen to this album I wish I was in a warehouse with very large speakers up the front. Sometimes I feel a little impatient while waiting for the body of the tracks to truly drop in, but the high notes that fill the gaps are good enough, so I don't mind the wait. There is a lot of atmosphere, but I do love a good strong beat when I'm at a rave, which is where this music would shine, in my humble opinion. All in all, very respectable and pretty epic.

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Phoenix, when it came to the edge, seemed like the cut was less keen than it could have been. The second track, seems to have it. Send an Angel, is a relevant missive today as it was 2000 years ago. Maybe more so, though at the same time less as an essence. They walk the earth and collaborative efforts like this pay testament to their existence. Seems a bit crowded and confusing in some places. Trois Temps never really settles well with me, once is enough. 1196987887 - Still Breathin', brings the music back to the foreground and this makes the comfort zone increase exponentially. Even if it ending up alone in the chaos, it is one thats parallelism is acceptable. Pecador, quite light on its feet. Bright and fairly optimistic. Like the construction of this one. Nice industrialism. Hymne à la Fin des Temps, worked fine anyway, along the same lines. Quite happy otherwise, though it grows on me as it progresses. Then, La Maison de la Charite, gives us another insight, and for all its charity, there seems to be a darkish element herein. The unsettling atmosphere of institutionalism. Big business now. Proverbs of Hell, closes the shadowy area off nicely. I like this one, I think it works out quite well. Some good sounds. Motionless is everything a title track should be. Outstanding, a strong figurehead for the organicity of the arrangement of the album. A brilliant track. I like some of the pictures too, although not all would download. Such is the state of my new virtual home. Change as the only constancy. New Home, curious and actually very nice to listen to. Paris, such a hotbed of constant change through history. What more can be said? Always something, it goes on. And, the air continues into Egypte, where one might say where's the point. At the apex, one might be able to see a long way, but there is a processing issue. The more you know, the more you realise you do not know. Finally, No Puedo Yo. Which is quite frankly answered by the affirmative, you did. Somehow, all these things come together and have taken place in my space, to good effect. Nice variety, nice album.