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clusters. cells of the same grid

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    • 7 years ago

      L'intension est immense, on sent les diverses collaborations qui enrichissent le cheminement de l'album. Si on aime les sons et les approches triturés cet album sera une superbe découverte (et je m'étonne qu'il soit si peu plébiscité). Malgré une approche classique de la construction des tracks électro, les surprises sont subtiles mais nombreuses. Je l'avoue certains titres auraient leur place aux cotés de la BO de "Dany the dog" de Massive Attack. Bravo, j'attend une suite.

    • 10 years ago

      The first track has some very interesting rhythmic structures and an admittedly good vocal layer. Mist has some fantastic sounds involved, very nice mix. Again with some challenging rhythms and form. I love those thundering organ sounds! In.dub.strial is pretty unique stuff, methinks. Track four has a lovely intensity to it and intonation. There is quite a large structure to it and nice variation. 21 Holograms has a gorgeous bassness about it and upper resonances that fill the track out nicely. It whites out near the middle but comes back more firmly, in a sense. Track six just sounds exactly as it should. Ritalin Mind Controllers is another excellent track, very strong and provocative. Fade Away again, excels at being an amenable, very impressive piece of music. Anatta takes the conventional and reworks it, with its own sense of panache. Nice touches. Track ten balances a lovely lyrical strain in amongst a relatively mellow medley of music. The instrumentation takes grip with a bass sound near the middle and then returns to its good work. The eleventh track is exquisite, even though the music is actually quite harsh. And there's something strange about the word 'core'. Pops up a lot. Anyway, I like this one. Human Cry intrigues me because I couldn't anticipate it, nice moves. I also like the level of vocals, equal to the instrumentation, integral to the track (aren't we English good at stating the obvious?). Y'know what I mean, it fits in well. Outsider, in a sense epitomises the whole album. As a concept in the mental travels of a person, it's seems poignant. As a track its potentially descriptive. Stay positive. I liked it, nicely done. Reading about the concept and preparation and execution of the job-in-hand, I think it is a great success. That you've met with a cool reception, I understand completely that can literally hurt, especially if you have devoted at least a modicum of your emotionality. However, there are some bland interpretations of what is commonly known as 'music'. That, unfortunately for the majority is an array of something they are presented with, making it easy enough to buy it from a supermarket. However, in a sense I feel a common denominator in the area of electronic music developing. Something catalytic in a general sense. I think the forum is ideal in a sense, how it interacts with an essentially capitalistic socio-economic structure, is another discussion for elsewhere. At the end of the day, a brilliant collaboration of work has been achieved and to that the least I can do is take off my hat and wish you luck for the future, and any endeavours that may entail. Thanks for sharing.