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Heart of Winter Jamendo Music album cover
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    • yoyocréations avatar

      L'ensemble de l'album exprime une beauté mélancolique et une grande créativité servie par une grand maîtrise instrumentale notamment au piano.J'adore ..

    • PatiBorges avatar

      Commemoration Forgotten Winter

    • PatriciaBorges avatar

      Gostei em especial: Commemoration Forgotten Winter

    • ccooffee avatar

      I love this artist. I have downloaded two of the albums now. It reminds me a little of Explosions In The Sky, which has been one of my favorite bands lately. It is such pretty music. I want to fall asleep to it every night.

    • Avelein avatar

      There's a reason that simplicity is beauty, and you captured that element beautifully. Well done- i love this album and how soulful and relaxing it is.