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Dystopian Origins II

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    • 9 years ago

      If you like those tracks, and need something like, but a little closer to peace, check out my tracks at my page

    • 10 years ago

      AKheon has hit the proverbial nail on the head, and as I said in volume I, it is so structured as to be difficult to handle, in many ways. I live in a busy house and if I left listening to this until late at night, I would drift into sleep. It requires a certain sense of fortitude to listen and withstand this eminent dronescape. Again, the artist describes the array perfectly well, so I need not go on (makes a change!), but I will say, if you have the time and space for it, it is drone-tastic. Difficult to assimilate in the hustle and bustle, but I appreciate it, as I hope to again. Don't forget to think 'big' and 'slow'.

    • 11 years ago

      Alright, we've concluded by now that music doesn't have to have either a melody or a rhythm. But texture... it's impossible to create music without texture. This album (and often drone in general) is pretty much the texture with everything additional stripped out. Very minimalistic, just some booming (but not altogether aggressive) noise, creating illusions of large, dilapidated spaces... It's effective. While not very pleasant to listen, it disturbs and forces you to surrender your senses and *will* to the all-around oblivious atmosphere. There's suddenly no hurry in the world - you either learn to live with this thick, intransigent passivity, or you'll have to leave the room. Something different and difficult to experience and enjoy in this modern, bustling world...

    • 12 years ago

      Natlyea “Dystopian Origins II” provides you with synthetic atmo-tracks you would except in dark sci-fi or fantasy movies. This is less music in the common way as specific sound-craft. I am rating this high, because it really works. If you need dark atmo (for your movie or RPG-Session) this is it.