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      ElèKtrômagnétìzm is a compulsive track, quite mild. Then your senses are assailed by such exquisite sounds and structures. Melodies from the deep. That is Goodbye Mr Neit, fantastic. Next is In The Name Of The Machine with its shattering percussion and lovely languid strokes of synthesis, nicely assertive in the middle onwards and an interesting ending. KO Computer is well laid back, quite luxurious. Then a melody is hammered out, changing the structure and recovering a sense of its former self too. Altogether a nice blend that is then diversified further with a gentle play on the rhythm. Nice resonance. La Frustration has a seriousness about it, stern. Tidy solo in the middle. Now I really feel like a scolded child!-) There is a fairly rapid but necessary beat to Life, literally and in respect to this track and it's done very tidily to start. A somewhat sonorous melody begins, taking its time and seeming to make the very most of the moment that is to be enjoyed. Sustainable sustenance. Hardin would be proud. In fact, he would be of the whole CC philosophy. The sounds that survive the common land are absolutely brilliant, I love it to bits! Then the beat gently revives and continues anon. To a fine ending, done with some intelligence of what was at work in creation. METAFormose is like a dream of Edward Scissorhands, such beauty in the obscure. Noise Funerals is like an ethnic dirge of a race of beings only formerly related to us, but forever a part of the holistic end. Lovely pipework towards the latter part, then it all unifies and melds into one. To end as it once began. As for the Psychoanalytical Method it was probably more beneficial to me to listen to this track with a stark brilliance than it was to actually have a session in the chair. Amazing and daring play with rhythms, cool stuff. It all seems to have been righteous in the ending but, in my experience, never quite satisfactory. Then, we have the title track, The Vacuum Cleaner which start with quite a methodical plodding. Just imagine the life cycle of a vacuum cleaner and I think this track sums it up superbly. What would it be like as one of those cyclone cleaners, I wonder. I don't know about weird. Personally, and maybe this says a bit about me, I absolutely love this album and think it will remain one of my favourites for a long, long time.