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fascinating earthbound objects

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      Boom! Boom! scat! scat! beep! kind of sums it up! but I'll try and be a little more profound and seem like being smart makes you enjoy music more . 'beebalm' moves through the mind like a kaleidoscopic maze of sound beams. 'coolmo' is more snappy in a grungy organic way and makes my nerve endings tingle as they try and keep pass with such pure onslaught of tiny particle vibrations . 'bleak' starts off erm...? bleak then some lovely bass makes the blank sound stage come to life and transform the sound into a slimy green glistening beat devouring slug with a thousand eyes watching your every move ( Ok music effects the imagination as much as you'll allow it too ) 'sherlock holmes' is more of a trippy journey in sound and has plenty of substance to tickle the taste buds . 'I hate music' sounds nothing like any concept of hate I've ever heard but hey it's only a title . One of those Albums that you can simply lie back and let it be your consciousness or stand up and move like a funky little freaky thang ! and feel what lovely vibes are in ya head . well I'll finish the review their as I think the message is clear that I like this music. Thanks for sharing :-)

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      This is one of those albums that is worth listening to, a lot if possible. The strange thing is, as it says an eclectic mix of sound sources and various emanations, there are elements that I wouldn't normally tolerate. Does that sound bad. Anyway, the point is that it makes it palatable. Beebalm is a frenzy of noise, quite intense in places and manages a symphonic parody in amongst the throes of the track. Coolmo is a fantastic start, still with that apparently inveterate enthusiasm. The middle lifts itself aetherically and then its diversity is magical, to return to the 'track' and end pretty abruptly. And lo and behold, to counfound me, Bleak confronts me with a more down tempo, but nonetheless brilliant piece of music. Sherlock Holmes takes a bit of effort to start but falls wonderfully together as the track progresses and develops, like a thought in the great characters own head. A realisation in musical form. Elementary... I Hate Music, though nominally paradoxical, is thoughtfully productive, thereby proving the opposite to be true, and it shows. I love it:-) HurtlyHealy is soft and gentle, with lovely rhythmic structure. Nice bass, in the right place. Minimalist with a slightly serrated edge, very nice with some elegant flourishes towards the end. Wind Chill moves like the wind in winter, gains a sense of the profundity of it in a way, a seemingly nonchalant manner, almost everyday. On A Plain chatters and drums at you as an intro, preparing you for a modest melodiousness. It makes its boundaries very clear and cleanly done. There are some little flurries of diversification on the main theme, nice touches here and there. Just the kind of track you can get nicely lost in, spaciousness for consciousness, with a sibilant crackling of synth in places. Nice warm-down at the end. Sine Out immediately a bit more lively with its synth and bass partnership. Minimalistic beat suits it well, nice straightforward percussion. Seems like it warming up again. A strong musical lilt is introduced and predominates around the centre of the track. I think it works well as it slips into diversity on the same scale. Followed by some nice synthetic play and rhythmic exercise. SmallSound has a unassuming nature but presents itself well enough to make the grade. It does what it does well. Very minimalist and thoroughly good at it. Mild sense of drama, as in film noir, towards, the end. And, it manages some pretty big noises towards the end, as if it was learning to use its own voice for the first time. Kickaha is a mid paced concoction of sound and percussive elements, ingredients in a sonic bowl and stirred well. It takes a skip and continues to be a brilliant track of electronica. Alpha Boxing is very hypnotic, with occasional flashes of noise in your mind, like a slip of consciousness. Nice electronics. Aura, Transient in dub!-) Brilliant track. All right, overall, this is a pretty stupendously brilliant album, it fills all the nooks and crannies of my convoluted aural channels. And, as a track All Right, assertive from the outset, is most definitely 'all right'.

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      Compared to much of the stuff I have heard in this genre (whatever that is), I like this music. It is what I would call competent in it's field, unlike so much. I don't understand much of it, but I like it very much. It sounds right to me, and that is the best thing an album can do.

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      my music!!!