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    • Pedro Valente Rocha avatar

      Un buen alimento para que el alma se libere de los problemas cotidianos y se vaya a los más insólito de tu ser. Gracias por obsequiarme esta música.

    • zest01 avatar
      @ wrote

      Fiquei surpresa com tanto sentimento... Passei o dia com as notas delicadas do piano na minha cabeça... Trabalho sensível e de uma beleza acolhedora.

    • Nigel Kaian Luke Lee avatar

      It just makes my heart peaceful, and makes me feel good. Lovely. If you want to get some rest, why don't you listen this? It will help you to be comfortable. Also good for meditation, I think. But you will not like it if you want to dance with this :) Now can you feel what this album is sound like? To "Frozen Silence", thanks to write such a song.

    • SkyAndClouds avatar

      Dearest Frozen Silence, I'm rather new to Jamendo, but listening to this album convinces me of listening more music on Jamendo. I can finally find plenty of music that I like. You play calm and with care. This is necessary for beautiful piano music. I'd say: go on like this. Perhaps you can improve a bit, by - I have to express it this way - 'flowering' or 'blossoming' sometimes. That gives that extra touch of variation, by which your music becomes really good.

    • gregorian avatar

      Hello!, Very beautiful tunes with a lot of emotions, I have enjoying this album and I'm still listening and paid attention to these whole concept,I don't have any preferred songs, like I said it's a concept, each songs have a different story, with a different emotion in it, keep on composing new beautiful tunes, and don't loose your faith in you, greetings from Romania.