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Sphere Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Nationale2 avatar
      8 years ago

      Les étranges atmosphères que nous livrent cet album me laisse rêveur. C'est planant, sobre et de bon gout. Bravo à l'artiste.

    • wirarama avatar
      9 years ago

      great ambiences! really unique! not only on arrangement but on voice too. There is lot of original unique voice here! nice!

    • Chill Carrier avatar
      9 years ago

      I really like the third sphere, nice sounds and atmos, really laidback. All the best with your music, Sebastian / Chill Carrier

    • RNS_M-64 avatar
      9 years ago

      Very interesting album, a soft atmosphere between 3 spheres of different natural elements. A pleasure for ears and good for dreaming about floating in the air.

    • Blimagination avatar
      9 years ago

      Very effective ambiental. Mental travel to unknown places.