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first.aid.killed.the.jerboa (single) Jamendo Music album cover

first.aid.killed.the.jerboa (single)

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    • sarahyudistira avatar

      Very nice and powerful music! I love this band so much!!

    • eileenSH4 avatar

      Ausgezeichneter Song, ganz nach meinem Geschmack... weiter so :-)

    • Dmitri Molotov avatar

      All:My:Faults, despite their name, is a very musically interesting band. They bring new flavor to the monotony of the current death metal scene with elements of 8 Bit chiptune. Their style varies, but the closest comparison I can think of would be Machinae Supremacy. AMF offers a far cry from the standard issue Cookie Monster vocals. You get those, plus some skilled screaming, soaring power metal-esque segments, distorted industrial bits, and a pretty good rendering of what most people would call "singing". Musically, they're not much special. They've got good tunes, heavy riffs, and some sweet 8 bit work. But that's about it. No incendiary guitar solos here, just a good solid album that will break up your daily death metal grind.

    • Vamp898 avatar

      Godlike. All:My:Faults sind einfach so endgeil =) neo.NøiR nochmal toppen zu können =) einfach genial

    • bionix77 avatar

      Sehr Kreativ, irgendwas zwischen Industrial, Death Metal. Einfach geil :-)