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Lambkins Black ( Text 2 Midi )

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    • plombix avatar

      it's a little redundant & the mix of drumz is too static but globaly it's a good way

    • brendaclews avatar

      This piece of what I would call experimental music, using your text to sound program, Japanese flutes and Jazz drums and other assortments of instrumental sounds fit perfectly with a prose poem I recently wrote and so I read to the rhythms of 'Lambkins Black' and put the two tracks together in Garage Band and uploaded to SoundClick. An embedded player as well as credit to you and links back to SoundClick are at my blog: Your on-line site wasn't up so I wasn't able to play with my own writing and see what might be generated. Somehow I don't think it would have been as perfect as this piece is. Anyway, I hope you like what I did, and I wanted to thank you for offering some of your music on Jamendo.

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      A very loosely structured adventure into one of the lesser circles of purgatory. It is quite disturbingly soothing and luckily the Japanese flute did not get too high in pitch, which might have spoilt the track. Nice work Alphacore.

    • betasta avatar

      Sorry, that's not realy my music - Would be that a fan hears something in that....