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Qwartz Russian Compilation

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    • 9 years ago

      We start this compilation with Luminous (You Know What I Want). It is quite minimalist in structure, an incessant beat but with a fine scattering of whirling synthetics around it, rather than falling into the 'big beat' trap and being merely repetition on a dull scale. It kind of evolves, which in a sense reflects an essence of life, except if you read Aldous Huxley, where he states (and I paraphrase) that life evolves to the point of a plateau and then is subject to entropy and breakdown. However, such a view was typically empirical when it was written in the 50s, and biological, not spiritual, wherein things continually evolve and progress albeit in different forms. Life goes on incessently, so should music if it is to represent it. The second track, CD-R (Pyat), instantly has me thinking of Autechre, a favourite of mine, though perhaps it's the title that does it. More of a lo-fi effort, nice and open, expressive and optimistic. Like a cyborg version of Stereolab (another favourite, I have many I know, but there you go!). Again, there is a sense of progression with a constancy that is inherent in expression of any artistic endeavour. I like it and somehow anticipated, in that it seems to reach a peak and then breakdown to its end. Djet (Spiral Trip) is next. The artist I have listened to before, I believe. Almost a dubstep style to it, heavy on the bass and a lovely energy to it as it whirls around your cerebellum. Excellent sound construction, that again has a sense of development to it. Orvonton (Para um) is a refreshingly bright, piece of creative expression, nicely playing on the piano playing. It seems to revolve around its evolving. A strong melody, interspersed with moments of almost frantic activity, that cross into quieter moments of musicality. Quite some variation within a single track, nicely done. Track five, Nikita Golyschev (Sphere) has a beautiful scintillating start, that blossoms well into a very dynamic ambient soundscape, like a revolving sphere on an off-centre axis, orbiting a burning core of a star on a wobbling ellipsis. It is serene without being a light drone. Nice flow. Test Pressing (Murmansk Empty Snow Clad Street) has a freeform jazz atmosphere to it. Scattered percussion, and rhythmic melodiousness, with a busy background suitable to any street in Russia, as equally dressed in snow, I would imagine. Quite pleasant and positive, with a wonderful end piece. CD-R and Quest Room Project (Part 2) offers the listener quite an abstract creative construction of sound manipulation. Very interesting and acute as it is obtuse in its musical perspectives which, with all these tracks, offer a real view into avant garde electronic musical expression. Again, never a dull or repetitive moment. Species Of Fishes (Live Four) follows on, this time more structured and easily amenable to the listener, though that is not to detract from the apparent lack of form of any of the other tracks. That is done in their own special way and relevant similarly. Here the track, develops more obviously and is quite a stark contrast. And, again progressive whilst retaining a constancy of force and stamina. The final track of this fantastic compilation is Alexei Borisov (Cakeshop), which creeps into existence slowly, with a deep, dark atmosphere that is simply exquisite from the start. Again, abstract in design, like an aural painting that creates an ever-changing mood, as far as the mood of a cakeshop could change. There are some wonderful concoctions of sound formation and combination with a wonderful aroma of freshly baked musical creative expression. I feel like the voice is saying, 'I'll have one of those, one of those, and three of those please?' And revelling in the wonderful taste of a cinnamon pastry. It never stops changing, each bite is a slightly different textual experience and it just keeps going. Wonderful stuff. Great compilation. Fantastic concept in bringing together such amazing works, truly the vanguard of electronic music.

    • 10 years ago

      ideal para los ollentes de la musica del pirulo