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Warzone 2100 Soundtrack

Tonal Discrepancy
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    • bru_temp avatar
      a year ago

      Interesting music But not what I was looking for which is the original soundtrack of the game

    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Grindstone has a wonderful atmosphere from the outset and establishes its structure quickly. Quite positive for a grindstone in a warzone of the future! Nice variability within the melodiousness and form. Quite dramatic as it develops and blossoms. Reconn has a militaristic air about it, not surprisingly and appropriate to the soundtrack of a warzone. Uniformity and strategy. Bufferzone. The title makes me think of the no mans land between Israel and Lebanon, where the former are deploying robotic, remotely controlled guns, against the Geneva Convention. The track has an uncanny darkness to it as well, though I doubt my hideous vision correlates with the artist. Nice soundscaping, gorgeous atmospherics. Phlogiston is the napalm attack, the burning gas, the bright light of explosion and depleted uranium shells at wedding parties. Chemical attacks and all of the above are transgressions against the general, holistic human soul. How can we do these things to each other, why do innocent children who throw rocks at an army get shot dead? As one of my favourite punk bands Discharge said, Why? That was thirty years ago and what has changed? Technology makes real war a computer game and distances the aggressor against the accountability of their actions in reality. It's a travesty against humanity. Fine work and thanks for the opportunity for splenetic ventilation. Keep the bombs in the games, not the real world.