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    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Dark and dreamy . . . a moving testimony to emotions of love and fear . .. hope and melancholy . . . the music is so peaceful and dreamy . . . and gives you spaces to find the floor . .. a solid place to be anchored . . before you fly away again into the mists of wistfulness . . . a longing. . . a heartbeat. . . a stone in the water . .. Posted:

    • Air Snake avatar

      Понравилось,даже не то что понравилось,а что-то такое...Слушал подряд несколько раз "Понедельник",музыка как-бы растекается внутри.Это наверное и есть настоящий психоделик(я в терминах не очень силен).Нет слов!

    • GuyMuzic avatar

      Good tracks. Good music. Good moment Listen to you later.

    • brendaclews avatar

      This music uplifts and takes me to places I haven't been before. It mirrors my experience. Gentle and majestic. The intimate and the massive vision of the panorama. Very Russian! Heaven in a grain of sand, or eternity in a wildflower [Blake]. You can feel your own pulse in Ai!IR's music, and the expansion and contraction, the heartbeat of the galaxies. In this flowing jungle of orchestral electronic ambient alternative music. Beauty. Longing. Gracious love. Strong bonds of the heart, warmth. Highly recommended! Kudos! You honour us, Ai!IR, with your music! Thank you....

    • halbschatten avatar

      Leicht psychedelische, in jedem Fall aber atmosphärische Musik. Abwechslungsreich gestaltet. Könnte gut als Musik in einem Spiel wie Myth laufen. Zwar gibt es eigentlich kaum eingängige Melodien, aber die sounds schaffen trotzdem eine interessante Atmosphäre.