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Things Please Minds EP

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    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Tread On My Dreams, very nice. Good start. Good omen. NazkA similarly structured rhythmically, but a totally different atmosphere. Lovely layers of sound, makes me think of Art of Noise (who I love). Then in flies Raven (one of my favourite birds), now I'm thinking Coldcut, another master mixer of sound sources. Nice track, followed by the curiously entitled Wooteng. Again other artists come to mind, though I cannot discern any obvious relation. Anyway, I like the construction and ingredients in the mix. 2 has a good feel to it, the piano works well, nice melody. Then we have a musical menagerie that is HiDro, love it. ello is a cool little piece of dramatic sounds. Phex sounds like Aphex Twin title. Another old favourite and a good track, nicely worked out. Hippyhoppy reminds me of lots of old friends, or were they happy hippies hopping? Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end. Great sound to Reefund, does that mean the fun is put back in?) Altogether, it's been a brilliant listen, made more pleasurable because it doesn't take itself too seriously and, as a result, not only makes itself more endearing, but as is often the case works out better in terms of the end result. We finish this hearing, with bpm. Again, nicely encased and presented, with tongue firmly in cheek, and working out well, as the whole EP does. These things please this mind. Thanks for sharing in the jollity.

    • Merci-merci avatar

      A mon gout, certains morceaux sont très bons, d'autres moins, mais l'ensemble est en tous cas, agréable à écouter. Reposant.