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    • Réjean Desrosiers avatar
      2 years ago

      Quand les conditions nécessaires Et frénétiques semblent présent L’énergie progresse Expressive Presque musical Se ramènent les souvenirs Du ne jamais fait De la répercutions d’un état douteux D’images douloureuses La cohérence chuchotée D’un dégout digne De ne jamais reculer J’avoue que l’agréable traine Pour en finir avec le réel Réjean Desrosiers ( Réj Rosiers ) © 2016 07 21 002

    • Yuckmess avatar
      9 years ago

      So many sounds and minimal at that, this is a very interesting trip. A first for my ears. Truly unique and exceptional, excellent. Transzendenz has a good awakening. It feels like a journey in a sci fi film. Wind, It takes my imagination on a voyage to a place it has never been before, and I like it. So many good tracks, and after the second or third time I listened to the two albums I can’t stop listening. Mind Blowing!

    • ARS_AVI avatar
      9 years ago

      un cromatismo aggressivo,netto... psichedeliche vibrazioni piene di cultura e poesia ci dirigono verso il vuoto l'ignoto mai codificato nel tentativo di essere trapassati da un solo raggio dello spettro solare,ci accompagna la cadenza secca e dinamica del ritmo accelerante. ottima la scelta di conservare suoni realistici nelle percussioni

    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Brilliantly dynamic first track, Wintertagen, full of nice cold energy. Profil has a cool ring to it and an almost frantic attitude. Good little track, I like it a lot, with a fine ending. The energy, which seems inherent so far, is carried through to Haare, the third piece of musical expression. Good melodic/rhythmic structure and progression as it plays on. It is quite a thrill dealt out so. Sitzen, takes me back many years in a fashion. Good memories of a time when I had hope that I could make a difference to the world. I'm still trying, just with less hope than I had. Good, quite hard, reverberations come across and entertain me well. Like it a lot. Energetic again and the end piece is fantastic. Face Unbegrenzt has a strong, almost imposing feel to it. Assertive music that puts me in a good frame of mind. Nice work. Aussehen has a cyber punk style to it, very cool for someone who had a mohican at 14 and a pierced nostril, and all the anti-establishment attitude I could muster. That was the thirty years ago and I'm due for a new haircut!-) Transzendenz und Immanenz has a unique sound to it and is a bit more down tempo, though the inbuilt energy remains. That's a nifty achievement methinks. Good consistency. Makes me think of an electronically twisted version of Overground by Siouxsie and the Banshees, which is an ace of a track. Wind is the most mellow track start so far and it is a lovely stereophonic play, with a beautiful melodiousness to it. Very enjoyable, with echoes of what has gone on before it, which I think is a very appropriate and clever touch to the composition. Liegen picks the tempo back up a bit with some nice assertive percussion with symphonic symbiosis working very well together. Then there is a reminder of that more radical sensation with the power and energy back again, to finish off an absolutely fantastic album. Thanks, I really appreciated this one and believe it to be a fine array of musical expression.

    • Ruediger Kramer avatar
      9 years ago

      metallic, energetic, hypnotic...