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The secret place Jamendo Music album cover
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    • runecat777 avatar

      Aside from the "religion" perspective which really does not enter into music at all, we simply find sounds and tones that come from the realm of light itself, regardless of name or form. This is such music, pristine, clear and shining its light like the beacon on the shore, the tall towering lighthouse, spanning its infinite light in all directions for all to see, to enable them to find their way "home", (whatever one conceives home to be. ) thankyou for sharing

    • dj mike avatar

      very strange, sometimes bleak, yet relaxing. the album I like it very much and I recommend everyone to listen

    • falcefra avatar

      Congratulations for this beautiful Album song, the instruments are well chosen sounds beautiful and interesting, good mix still so good. Hello from falcef in Italy and best wishes for the work and health. Hello friends,a wonderful 2011, full of peace and music!

    • sonnenjagd avatar

      Wow. Ich bin hin und weg! Das ist meditative Musik vom allerfeinsten! Besser kann man sie nicht machen. Selten in diesem Jahr konnte ich mich in ein Album so hineinfallen lassen. Toll.

    • orangeupurple avatar

      "The Entrance" made me think of an aboriginal forest. . . the soundscapes, the natural sounds vibrated through my chest as I listened to the ambient music accompanying the sounds . . . very nice . . . a peaceful place . . . remarkable in its integrity . . . I loved this and it drew me in through the garden gate . . . The music overall was precious, quiet . .. relaxing and ambient. The sounds rolled in waves over the tired spirit and created a calming effect . . . this would be very nice reflective, meditative and daydream music . .. Relaxing - Wolfsong