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Nuhlimkilaka (bringer of confusion) Jamendo Music album cover

Nuhlimkilaka (bringer of confusion)

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    • XASTRANCE avatar
      7 years ago

      Mucha abstraccion electronica...inspirada en los ritmos tribales,no pierde ese toque tech trance oscuro caracteristico de Sentna,

    • yurs avatar
      8 years ago

      альбом клас!

    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Lovely contrapuntal textures from the first track, that work very well. It seems to endeavour to get a point across, and one that I can only judge by my gut instinct, rather than any sense of professionalism. If the latter was true this would be a job and it's a hobby. Either way, I like it in my own way, just as validly as someone else not liking it. What else are there but points of heterotopically enhanced or retarded views? The way back to the centre is, in my eyes, a defensive gesture. It's like a spider making it's way across a wall, or a rock climber if you want to anthropomorphise, the last known point of safety, suggests that there is some trepidation in going the way you are heading. If that's with regard to the world in general, it's too late to go back. If it's with regard to your PC, roll-back never seems to work and is generally suggested by someone who has screwed it up for you. Hey, that's just my experience... Musically, I think it would have worked without the big beat element, especially after such a good first track. Same goes for 4 dimensions, or is that as a result 4 dementias? For myself, it spoils what are otherwise good tracks and there is so much more to be had from percussion and experiments with it therefrom. Take it one step to the side and add a cymbolic (sic) slide up to a point that still gets a rhythm in without turning the track into a mindless pogo. Look at the cover of the album, native American indians, an indigenous population decimated and turned into a boom-boom mindset, when there was so much more psychedelia to their culture. Rhythm was key to it, I concur to that but so was experimentation and if I was on some mushroom cultured trip, this would give me brain damage. There is so much potential here other than becoming just another dance track, or set of them. However, I won't turn it off yet, because the first track was so promising, I will listen on with hope in my heart. I think you do care, and I do. There are some wonderful sonic adventures hereabouts, and I think to go back to the forefathers and pick up on their rhythm with nature would do this music so much good. Trance can be beneficial but it can also get boring if overused and relied upon so heavily to transport a track through space and time. Again, I reiterate this is my personal view and not empirical scientific fact, but there are moments, when it isn't just going boom boom that give me the impression of a whole heap of potential. Ask Grandfather Peyote yourself, find a natural course, not even a heartbeat is that regular, so how can you find it with technology. Good, but could have been a lot better and a lot more interesting.

    • StrangeZero avatar
      9 years ago

      Perfect Psy album.... nothing else to say...