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False Hope Of Tyranny  Jamendo Music album cover

False Hope Of Tyranny

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    • Crusby avatar
      9 years ago

      I really like the first Song, but finally after listening it sounds a little bit identic to the others.Maybe some clear vocals, deeper grunts oder higher screams?! But a really great release, i´m waiting for more;-)

    • kwhyos avatar
      9 years ago

      I simply love it. This is excellent metal and everything is exactly at place as it should be from production to vocals to instruments. All I have is praise for this great death metal rising from BANGalore.

    • davidkbd avatar
      9 years ago

      I need more!!!!!!!!

    • wojd1 avatar
      9 years ago

      Trash Metal z indyjskiej "Doliny Krzemowej". Zdecydowanie stara szkoła. Jak dla mnie podróż sentymentalna, niestety nie chodzi o indie a o karton kaset w piwnicy:)

    • craigjohnson avatar
      9 years ago

      All tracks are good, the voice of artist is fantastic, its remind me the All That Remains artists music little bit. Sound quality is really metal. Nice work. Keep on going.!