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Neural Groove EP

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    • IvanIVTheZar avatar

      Molto bravi.

    • vulturius avatar

      Congratulations. You've successfully merged several music genres with an interesting vocal, that's why Neutral Groove sounds like nothing else. I enjoy listening to it. Big ups! :)

    • TheRaven1232 avatar

      Amazing album, great bass player funk + metal = WIN. Kind of reminds me of LTE with vocals I wish i could see you guys live

    • ilario avatar
      @ wrote

      Interessante il sound, belle le tonalità ed i ritmi del basso. Interesting sound, good both bass tonality and rhythm

    • LuLoVe avatar
      @ wrote

      super sons, superbes mélodies, j'écoute en boucle sans m'en rendre compte, bravo ! c'est très très bon !