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    • Ffm avatar
      9 years ago

      Für meine laienhaften Ohren hat die Musik nicht den allzugroßen Neuigkeitswert, im Sinne von innovativen Sounds, jedoch liefert die Musik einen echten energy-input, man ist beim Hören gleich auf den Beinen und guter Dinge, eben funny music - auch das ist schließlich eine Kunst.

    • No Hair On Head avatar
      9 years ago

      la primera canción tiene buenas ideas y creo que puede mejorar mucho si se le dá más potencia percusiva... con más fuerza la canción ganará mucho. Suerte!

    • faldo avatar
      9 years ago

      Pas exactement mon style de musique. Désolé !! Amicalement.

    • 0mnim0g avatar
      9 years ago

      Thanks for making this. This music does NOT pull the listener down into cliche' rap beats, themes or cheesy scratch effects - it is not bound by past 20 years trendy rap/hiphop brainwashing like so much of others - it is fine electronica music that works very well on its own, and would be excellent in soundtrack work as well I feel people ought to refrain from commenting negatively on an artist if the genre is not what they are really looking for. It's bad form on the commenters part. ?Why give a destructive opinion? it HURTS the artists ratings when you do! Plenty of others might miss something they really like when the artist gets low stars or "dull" type comments - that is NOT helpful to the biz, or jamendo. Please! Pull together as artists, help each other, be positive and fair or just skip it. thanks for reading my little rant here! =)

    • artistconk avatar
      9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these tracks. Nice rhythms, good flow, variation right where it was needed. I could enjoy driving to this.