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      Overall, this is quite a good album that is not A) derivative of everything else and B) forging a new ground between jazz, world beat and prog. rock. It is not easy to find your own voice in today's music world but Dray and Silva have done just that. The vocals are reminiscent of Neil Finn which is not a bad thing and adds a dollop of credibility to the experimental tracks. There are parts of the album, particularly Interlude 3, that bring up memories of an earlier Montreal group from forty years ago, Mashmakan. Wish there were more forthcomingh from this creative team.

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      ..full of flavour

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      I've had this on my mp3 player for months now. I absolutely adore this album. Each song is a completely different flavour, but they flow together effortlessly. I would love to hear more! It's also very commendable how you have taken elements from various varieties of music from around the world and great job on the singing in different languages! It's not easy to do. While I'm on the voice, the singer has a delightfully smooth voice which is a great pleasure to listen to. More please!

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      Very impressive. It is a part of a great compilation in similar style overe here: http://www.jamendo.com/pl/album/66726

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      Comme toujours c'est pas de la fake toune , Bravo !!!