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Vienna Blue Jamendo Music album cover
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      .. qui n'arrête pas d'être beau ... ... la vie en bleu ..

    • Ulisse Project avatar

      Belle composizioni e suoni, ottima atmosfera avvolgente.

    • Sho Producciones avatar

      Realmente impresionante el talento de Lena, su musica es un elixir.

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      A surprising stylistic change for this project: the music here is piano-heavy, often sounding jazzy or classical, with a large palette of emotions and tight songwriting instead of ambient soundscapes. Sometimes even reminiscent of Bohren & Der Club of Gore! Through the insinuations of the album cover and the song titles, you are prepared to go through a series of scenes from a small town (Vienna?), mostly melancholic but also a few happy ones. The emotions herein are clear and powerful due to the melodic nature of the album, and the enigmatic context only adds to the experience. Gotta give credit to the versatility of the compositionwork here too. The piano is great as always, but some other instrumentation a bit lacking. Wish they had got a real saxophone for the title song, for example. Regardless, I'd say it's an album definitely worth hearing and exploring.

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      POWERFUL . . . Emotional . . . Dreamy . . . the piano has such a rounded and colorful voice . . . and tells the most amazing tales while I listened breathlessly . . . I was swept away in passionate amazement. These avant-garde pieces were stunning in beauty and yet were edgy and experimental enough to paint vivid mental images . . . these were such rich compositions that the listener had to listen carefully so as to capture every nuance as if literally starving . .. . hungry for the music; for every crumb of it . . . This is music you must pay attention to . . . this is not your common everyday background feel good music . . . this is true art! Jazz almost always makes me think of the night time city . . . active, energized . . . hot and steamy . . . and so very lonely . .. while in the midst of a glittering crowd . . not one eye meets another . . . everyone going somewhere with nowhere to go. . . Swiftly the tides of emotions sweep through us though we are mainly sad . . and we are somewhat lost . . . and though we have dreams . . . they are adrift in a swirl of colors . .. and geometric patterns. . . so we wander through the hazy smoke, tears streaming . . . until the rising sun dispels the night time lies. . . and we wonder where or how it will all end . . . while we sit alone and cry beneath the spreading blue sky yet held together by the lovely notes of an echoing piano . . . and though we sit lonely .. . . we are not alone for we are accompanied by an expressively vocal music . . . so profound . . . and so beautiful . . .