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nj(エヌジェイ) - n.j. from GBUC Jamendo Music album cover

nj(エヌジェイ) - n.j. from GBUC

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    • keikomushi avatar

      This album makes me happy. <3

    • Sue Anne Chan avatar

      Is this album up for professional licensing? Thanks.

    • palov vidaurrof avatar

      This music is beautifull.

    • rascranasingha avatar

      I see some good potential in this album. It's all light, and happy. Conveys the feel of J-Pop and appeals to me. I have to say I'm looking forward for more from you.

    • joonjah avatar

      Microsoft 訳者日本語を話さないが、この回優れているといいます。 あなたのライブを見たい ! うわー !Great Music!!! Great Artist!! I'm getting chills!!! Will the talented Japanese Artist please stand up? Bravo!!!