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      very intense, very good

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      I like your music! It's like "A journey into the space." These 3 music "orgel,knight rider, the hard way" are all nice! I am listending now:)

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      Formulaic techno, if it does the tricks, it works, but it needs to spread its' wings more colourfully, like a peacock! It seems like it could be improved upon, its clarity in some areas, its' inescapable predictability in others. I wouldn't say it was particularly 'hard' as such, I find this genre quite easy on the ears. That was the first two tracks, so maybe there's something to be said for three ways after all. The sound quality is better, but twenty-odd minutes is very ambitious. I kind of feel that it is the better track, overall, but it's little more than one those typical 'epic' tracks reminiscent of someone like S.U.N. and many others. So, all-in-all, it's saved ultimately by the last, long track, and that is little more than a large helping of your favourite dessert. Try being braver and experiment a bit more, especially with rhythms!-)

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      'The hard Way' is an excellent track I really like it. the first track sounds like there is a bit of masking going on with certain frequencies and it may need a bit of stereo separation on it. Nice tune though.

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      Zenkman bietet auf dieser EP mit drei Tracks gut gemachten Trance. Die Tracks gehen nicht wirklich in die Psy-Trance Ecke, haben aber genug zwirbelige Sounds dabei um hypnotisch und gleichzeitig interessant daherzukommen. Am besten gefällt mir der Opener "Orogel". Der letzte und sehr lange (22 Min.) Track "The hard Way" hingegen trifft über weite Strecken nicht so recht meinen Geschmack. Obwohl er sich nach der Hälfte noch fängt, wären hier weniger Experimente vielleicht ein wenig dienlicher für das Stück gewesen. Einen Bonuspunkt für Kölner gibt es natürlich bei der Bewertung auch noch :)