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Fake Plastic World Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Angelo avatar
      7 years ago

      Dear Avastar, my compliments for your EP " Fake plastic world"!. It's very nice !! Sound excellente and vocals add plus value to your songs!!.. The best song: " It's your life " Angelo DJ

    • drumy avatar
      7 years ago


    • dirty dj avatar
      7 years ago

      c'est un album de 2007 oouuuuh attention talent comme quoi jamendo c'est la caverne d'ali baba et qu' il y en a pour toutes les oreilles de la bonne très bonne electro pop comme si japan les nits et kraftwerk étaient réunis sur ces quatres pistes

    • AedeaMusic avatar
      8 years ago

      Musica buena donde la haya. Buen sonido, buena instrumentación y una producción musical impecable

    • logictheo avatar
      8 years ago

      Once I was in a bad mood, and then I listened to "It's your life" with a friend. I liked it very much that it was both a free cultural work and 'pop-like' music that I could listen to. That specific song sounded a bit philosophical to me too. I sometimes whistle some of these songs. ---- Since this album is licensed under a free cultural license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, I uploaded it to the Internet Archive with the exact same license as Vorbis: http://www.archive.org/details/Avastar-FakePlasticWorld (The purpose being so it is easier to listen to your music in the free format Vorbis)