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Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance Jamendo Music album cover

Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance

DOUG the Eagle
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    • 7 years ago

      This album is messed up... And I really do mean that in the best possible way. I absolutely love it. It is pure awesome.

    • 9 years ago

      naprawdę, płyta jest nieźle "wyśrubowana", rewelacyjna. naprawdę, jedna z lepszych płyt, jakie słyszałem na Jamendo.

    • 9 years ago

      [2009-05-29@10:00] This seems to be perfect moment to write the album review. As some of You may have noticed, Tapewolf, aka Doug-The-Eagle (J.P Morris) has released another record, "Three little pigs -- A Tale of Vengeance". The album is recorded using sacred Old Ways -- with multi-track and all-analog mixing. Also, as any good old prog-rock album it is clearly divided into virtual 'sides' of vinyl record. Side 'A' is the eponymous story of three little pigs, though much more darker, than the popular fairy tale: this time the pigs are the bad guys and wolf is doing right. We get gently introduced into the mood by overture starting with synth cello prelude, giving far resemblance of Finnish Apocalyptica band, then at once stepping into prog-metal climates, with sound a bit resembling the old and forgotten Tiamat. The catchy chord progression is shared this or other way by all parts of the suite, binding the pieces of story together. Compared to this, side 'B' may seem to be just a filler, but is not -- the four remaining pieces, three of which are instrumental, give the hearer necessary relief. The only song on side 'B' is again anchored to DMFA/Jakob Pettersohn universe and may be a bit unclear to people not familiar with these stories, but as music piece is beautiful. Any overall comments? Although Pancake Ferret appeared to me as compiled in rush, this album is carefully thought out and prepared. The quality of sound is best of all the albums released to date. Doug earned eight (8) starts this time, and is nominated to Album of the Year 2009. [********--]

    • 10 years ago

      I downloaded this a week or so back and hadn't got round to listening to it properly until this weekend, but now I have, and it is by far the best of Doug's albums so far, the pig saga is a great twist on the nursery rhyme, its intelligent and witty and most importantly a blinding piece of prog rock, the last track ( A Dream of Fire and Ice ) I also particularly liked. Doug's keyboards are coming on in leaps and bounds and can be favorably compared to Wakeman or Emerson both in competence and in texture. I love this album it is pure prog rock, keep up the good work. P.S. Maybe its time to start seriously looking for a main stream publisher.