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    • Robots of avatar
      6 years ago

      Thank sharing your first album. RR is a very good guitars progression using different techniques...

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  • Lunamoth avatar
    7 years ago

    I have been listening through album after album this evening looking for that certain sound...a sound of a musician who knows his/her craft. I have been looking for original talent and nothing "canned" from a program and FINALLY I found this very nicely done piece of work. Thankyou! I will be keeping up with your future work.

  • Gemhund avatar
    7 years ago

    I really like this album. Very well put together, thoughtful music. Some vocals in the next one perhaps? Hans

  • Atemhauch avatar
    8 years ago

    Ein wundervoller Gitarren-künstler! Sancho - Sancho Guitar Meine Schlagwörter zu diesem Album - Lebendig, - Kraftvoll, - Freudeschaffend, - Tanzrhytmus, - Gitarren Profi, - Rockig, Alternative - Abwechslungsreich, - Professionell, - einen haufen verschiedener Gitarren, - elektro Gitarren, akustische Gitarren traumhafte Musik, für Freunde von Gitarrenmelodien einfach nur genial, hoffe das es bald MEHR von ihm gibt. - I hope you publish more songs, soon, you are fantastic!

  • AlienTheaterRadio avatar
    9 years ago

    Hi I'm the host of the Alien Theater Radio podcast. A show dedicated to progressive and instrumental rock music. Your song RR has been included in the latest show. Your site has been linked via our show notes at The direct download so you can hear for yourself can be found here: Or if you want to subscribe here is the RSS feed: I hope to play more music from all of you in the future in order to given all musicians as much "air time" as possible. Thanks again for the support, great music, and also thanks for listening. Mark Falcon Host: Alien Theater Radio