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Sound Anti-System

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    • Toonman avatar
      6 years ago

      Now this is a very particular mix of styles. I like it... very creative! Keep going. Hope to get to hear more of this group.

    • angrbotha avatar
      7 years ago

      Brilliant! ethernidub!

    • gerbax avatar
      7 years ago

      Super mélange ça donne la patate et envie de pogoter aussi!Bons zycos!

    • ade662081 avatar
      9 years ago

      Dub beats interlace thundering guitar riffs and excellent vocals propel the five tracks along. There's plenty of changes of pace to keep things interesting and scratches and samples are blended in to great effect. What impresses me the most is how natural the mix of styles sounds - there's nothing forced or contrived about it. Fans of Dubwar or Skindred will love this, and might even end up thinking that Doblezero beat Benji and the boys at their own game.

    • tongas avatar
      9 years ago

      Bravo, de l'originalité innovante et bien mixée. Manque de renseignements sur vos origines, goûts et autres signes particuliers, histoire de mieux se connaître. Continuez à envoyer c'est de l'excellent. Papy punk (tongas)