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THE GALLOWS Jamendo Music album cover
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    • DeathFromAbove avatar
      6 years ago

      30 second in the intro, i go WOW and i expect a lot of this album and i was not disappointed at all. As mentioned, you can hear Hetfield in a few of the tracks such as "My Name Is Death". But what really struck me was how i really enjoyed this album from the beginning to the end, over and over again. The guitar solos is something i found amazing and the lyrics are good as well. Favourite tracks on this album must be: My Name Is Death" and "Face In The Shadows". However, the rest of the album is good as well and it makes me wonder why they haven´t gone commercial? This album will go to my iPhone so i can listen to it and share it with my friends as well. This is a must have and in my humble opinion the #1 album on Jamendo!

    • Ostenvegr avatar
      7 years ago

      Great heavy metal with a touch of originality and faiyhful to the past monsters,never a moment of boredome,powerful and solid,brilliant performance of all the musicians. A real masterpiece that is every bit as good as the other boats that sail in this current,metal sea. Excelent!

    • Strogg312 avatar
      7 years ago

      Une musique géniale qui donne un son de bonne qualité, on sent une corélation entre chaque titre ce qui met bien ans l'ambiance.

    • yeldhai avatar
      7 years ago

      franchement pas mal du tout, le groupe a l'air de s'étre inspiré de korpiklaani. pas mal du tout.

    • theletterq avatar
      7 years ago

      i mean sure its pretty good but i've heard better. it kinda reminds me of early avenged sevenfold from the guitar and drumming. the drumming isn't that impressive at all. i like the album cover though.