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    • brendaclews avatar

      I recently found this site, with some of your music, and was enchanted. Beautiful, full, surroundsound surroundscapes - while deeply meditative, I can see how they are for shows, too. This gorgeous album left me feeling a deep comfort, and continued playing inside for a long time. Many thanks for sharing!

    • cvijaxo avatar

      It happened again. I wrote worlds best review and forgot to save before session gone and Jamendo eat it. Sorry man. Here is blixt version. I like wide spaces and traces of undiscipline in first, longer pieces. We are moving from Eno & Fripp references in wide watery movements from the beginning to traces of industrial ambients blanded with "inner walkings" - with literary walking samples. Shorter pieces on other half of album are very succesful little sound paintings which beatifully rounds upp whole album theme of light - moonish light and wattery movements. Add on: Lmost everithing I said about Extra's "A Simple Escape" structure applies here. It's only that sound is much more tamed and disciplined, more "mature" and softer in some way. Thanks for this minimalism man!

    • ford4ever avatar

      une belle semaine s'annonce apres un long week-end bruillant, merci Arisenprodigy pour cette recommandation , ca vaut tout le merite ...

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      The first track sounds like little rivulets of water tinkling onto the dusty void surface of the moon, dissipating in the vacuum. Magical soundscaping, I love the sense of movement, as if it is drawing itself back now and then, to be re-released in a sensually slow and beautiful flow of sound. Very interesting and well-managed structure, always slightly different each time. Amazing sense of control and variation throughout the whole track. Brilliant stuff, already I'm in love with this album. The second track, Organized Patterns of Chaos, is similar to the conception of pouring water onto the moon's surface. In the liquified randomness that would ensue from such an attempt, there would be a sense of organisation of molecules, seemingly random but having to find some sense of structure within the inhospitable atmosphere. Delicately and fantastically captured again, with this exemplary display of musical creativity. It is so fine, it's like trying to capture flakes of snow in the palm of a warm hand. The music filters through your aural channels and dissipates, assimilating into the crenellations of your grey matter, like a tachyon coursing its way through your body. The poise is maintained with Internal Discrepancies, and I find myself at odds within myself as I look around the virtual area and gawp in disbelief. I credit people with too much intelligence, beyond the real usefulness of even their existence, let alone presence. This is thoughtful music and I know we all make mistakes, none of us are perfect, but a line should sometimes be drawn. At times that becomes extant, and usually as a result a veritable bone of contention. Other times, it stays where it is generally best, inside, but then there is the difficulty of living with just such Internal Discrepancies, and that can be tough going. Especially if you are the over-sensitive type. C'est la vie. Laissez-les manger du brioche!-) The next track, suitably called Finding Peace, encapsulates the flow of what I write between my lines. I talk of assimilation and should practice what I preach perhaps, though I am still of a mind that there has to be an acceptable limit of acceptability. Like finding the intolerant intolerable. Life is an effervescent conundrum of capabilities that may become evident, but more often than not it seems to be the reverse predominates and that's when Finding Peace becomes so damned difficult. The best I get are some worn platitudes, or if I'm really lucky a heartfelt and meaningful suggestion of how to overcome the apparent obstacle. So be it, esse quam videri. The Relative Horizon, again curiously poignant, reminds me that wherever you view the moon from and water it with your feminine emotionality, it is the same moon that everyone else views (assuming we are all on terra firma), and relates to your perspectival horizon. All things are relative. All things are subjective. And sometimes reality just bites, hard. Again, beautifully controlled soundscaping that is just inspiring me like crazy. This is when I want an 11/10 starring system. As for Green or Blue, guess what? I will be necessarily awkward and pick red. Amazing track, love it dearly. Nice moves. I hope you won a prize for this one? To round up my diversification on writing a review, but my eternal excuse is that such awe-inspiring sound and rhythm construction provokes me into a gushing of existential epistemology sometimes, I will say that there is always room for Establishing New Ground. However, I will just say that it is not up to one party to make all the moves. There is such a thing as a compromise between parties. A golden mean between quantity and quality. Which leaves me with Eternity's Acceptance Ritual. OK, so I'm going to have to learn my lesson and become one with the borg, or go through it all again until I do cope with acceptance, though there will always, I suspect, be a part that will argue the toss, whatever side the coin ends up on. C'est moi!-) Fantastic work.