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VOYAGER Jamendo Music album cover
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    • El mousikas avatar

      C'est assez ambient dans l'ensemble. L'écoute est agréable. A découvrir pour le plaisir d'écouter autrement....

    • Africaner avatar

      Pas mal, pas du tout!

    • jpetrosk avatar

      Amazing album

    • SunSky avatar
      @ wrote

      L'album è stato davvero una grande sorpresa, veramente bello, il suo unico limite è la sua durata... molto breve.

    • open avatar
      @ wrote

      Though the instrumentation and composition are rooted firmly in pretty bog standard electro, there's something special here that rises it above the norm. Perhaps it's the great quality and choice of the instruments, or the slightly unusual sequencing, whatever it is this album turns out to be most enjoyable.