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First Blood EP

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      Salut Continuer on veut plus de prise vous etes simplement MAGIQUE !! FONCER DEFONCER ECT ECT De lucky du 74

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      Ed infatti l'hanno fatto. Si sente che questo e' il primo album della band. Con Maze of time, il mixing e la registrazone ha fatto un passo da gigante e le qualita' musicali del gruppo, nonche' quelle vocali del cantante, hanno sicuramente goduto dell'attenzione che meritano. Post scrittum: e' rock and roll, non lirica. Non devi essere un "usignolo" per cantare Hell's Bells ;-)

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      Qualche sonorità è buona. Se non fosse per la voce assolutamente scarsa e la qualità di registrazione davvero di basso livello.... Some passages are good... if it would not for the tin-pot vocalist and the absolutely bad registration quality...

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      avec encore du travail a faire mais deja beaucoup d'experience on a la un futur tres grand groupe de metal digne de MAIDEN / HELLOWEEN / SAXON et bien d'autre encore..... bon courage et a tres bientot dans les bacs... j'espere.

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      Not a bad album, but it's clearly not recorded in a professional studio. I could tell this without reading your reaction to first review. So sound quality is a crap, to be honest, but since you didn't record this in a studio (don't speak Italian, but Babelfish is my friend), I quit bitching about it. As for the singer, first I was horrified by his voice to be honest. But by the time the last track finished, I began to like it. In my opinion he has potential, but has to practice a lot. The main problem is, that he does not follow the rythm and the melody of the instruments well enough. When he cathes up, the whole thing sounds great, but sometimes the vocal and the instrumental parts are in such disharmony that it almost hurts to listen. So it's not bad but could be far better. I think you have potential, so work on it.